Greetings Blog stalkers

My name is Ann I am 40 something yrs old.  I am really a down to earth person, well i use to be more so.  I am no longer employed, no, not a victim of a shut down,layoff,merger, or even getting fired or better yet telling someone to take this job and shove it.  I was a victim of a dreaded disease called RSD/CRPS  AKA~ REFLEX SYMPATHETIC DYSTROPHY  / COMPLEX REGIONAL PAIN SYNDROME.  Know much about it? Ever even heard of it? Ya thought so, no worries many are in the same boat, Including many in the medical profession.  I will give you a quick idea of what it is like, then PLEASE take some time to educate yourself on it, it will be doing yourself a big favor or even a loved ones. Many go years with out a diagnosis or a wrong one due to the lack of knowledge. Back to what it is ~

“a chronic pain condition that is believed to be the result of dysfunction in the central or peripheral nervous systems.”On the McGill Pain scale it is rated the most painful disease.  even more painful than non medicated childbirth,cancer,amputation.

RSD usually affects one of the extremities (arms, legs, hands, or feet). The primary symptom of RSD is intense, continuous pain. According to NINDS, the list of symptoms includes:

  • burning pain
  • increased skin sensitivity
  • skin temperature changes (warmer or cooler than opposing extremity)
  • skin color changes (blotchy, purple, pale, red)
  • skin texture changes (shiny, thin, sweaty)
  • changes in nail and hair growth patterns
  • stiffness and swelling in affected joints
  • decreased ability to move affected extremity

Pain can spread to a wider area (i.e. from finger to entire arm) and can spread to the opposite extremity (i.e. from left arm to right arm). Emotional stress can cause symptoms to worsen. info gotten

Now in my words it feels like someone has pored gas into my limbs and lit it, that’s right i am living 24/7 in that fire everyone fears dying in next to drowning. I cannot have a sheet touch me,a slight breeze, or even a hug from my loved ones, without more pain if that can even be imagined. Showers feel like glass shooting into my skin. Medication takes a edge off at times if lucky. but anyways, I am more than RSD. 

I love and care for many,love meeting new friends. Love animals. Hate liars, and those who play games and like to hurt others.  If you enjoy reading blogs that have perfect spelling, grammar, punctuation, and all that other stuff i forgot as i aged please keep it to yourself. I know i suck at it, i do not need to be reminded. That said with a smile of course. This is my blog yep all mine so you may never know what will pop up. I do ask for RESPECT… I do know we all have our own strong beliefs and opinions, and i am sure we may not agree on everything, so if you proceed lets say that’s your approval check mark in the invisible box , saying i am mature enough to agree to disagree in an adult fashion.

On my pages you may find, thoughts about who knows, sales i am a huge bargin shopper and i do love to share the wealth so i will list links every now and then. of course i find tons of freebies too yes i will share. I get very vocal about things that i read or hear in the news so that may show up, or just posts i have gotten i think are great,funny, and so on. i love to make others smile so stop reading and SMILE DAMMIT!